Exam Preparation

Please come prepared and follow these instructions:

  • No fasting or medication cessation is required. All metal must be removed unless cleared by a physician. Schedule MRI 6 weeks after surgery. Avoid eye makeup. Pacemakers and digital medical devices are not MRI compatible. Maximum weight limit is 300 lb. Pregnant patients cannot have MRI. Sedation available.
  • CT
  • Avoid a heavy meal prior to oral CT contrast. Diabetic patients should discontinue metformin for 2 days following IV contrast. Renal function must be GFR >60. Iodine allergies cannot receive IV contrast. Do not discontinue medications other than metformin. CT cannot be performed during pregnancy.
  • US
  • Avoid a meal at least 6 hours prior except for vascular, thyroid, and small parts exams. Pelvic TA requires a full urinary bladder with 32 oz beverage 1 hour prior to scheduled exam. Medications should not be discontinued. Breast ultrasound should avoid using deodorants or talc powder.
  • Avoid deodorants and talc powders. Wear removable shirts or blouses to facilitate the breast exam. Pump breast milk if nursing. Bring any prior breast imaging studies and reports for comparison. CD’s can be loaded into the computer system. Films must be loaned until comparisons are made.
  • XRAY
  • Xrays cannot be performed on pregnant patients. Fasting after midnight is required for barium studies. No prep or fasting is required for routine xrays, DEXA scan, and arthrograms. Medications should not be discontinued. A bowel prep must be picked up 1 day prior for IVP and barium enema studies.

Downloadable Patient Forms:

Head and Neck
Abdomen and Pelvis
Arms Legs Hands Feet
Spine and Joints
Dexa Scan
Testicular Prostate Penile
CT Iodine Consent
MRI Consent
Medical Records Request
US of other parts

Patients Please Note:

ALL FEMALES between the ages of 12-55 must sign a Pregnancy Questionnaire Form in addition to the body part questionnaire. Only exception is if they are having an Ultrasound.Download Pregnancy Questionnaire

Cat Scan: CT Consent Form must be filled out in addition to the body part questionnaire.

MRI: MRI Consent Form must be filled out in addition to the body part questionnaire.

IVP's IVP (Intravenous Pyelograms) patients must fill out the CT/Iodine Consent Form in addition to the body part questionnaire.

   MRI              CT           Ultrasound      Mamo         X-Ray 

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