We are the central Florida premier family-owned and operated diagnostic imaging center for over ten years, offering technologically advanced diagnostic imaging at lower cost, uncompromising service, and consistently reliable same day diagnostic reporting. With many diagnostic tests to choose from, flexible payment options, and accepting nearly all major health care plans, there is no need for doctors, healthcare professionals, and patients to go elsewhere.
  • Complete High-Field 1.5 T Open Bore MRI (Including orthopedic neurologic and total body MRI studies)
  • Cervical Kinematic (Motion) MRI of the Cervical Spine in Flexion and Extension injuries
  • Specialized 3D-Breast MRI with CAD Technology
  • Stereotactic interventional MRI breast biopsy with CAD technology
  • MR Arthrography (Including Shoulder, Knee) in Workman's Comp Evaluations
  • Spiral Helical CT Scan
  • Complete Diagnostic Ultrasound (including abdominal, pelvic, obstetrical, prostate, testicular, thyroid and vascular studies).
  • Certified Vascular Laboratory
  • Digital Mammography
  • Specialized Automated 3D breast ultrasound
  • Diagnostic CR-Radiology X-rays
  • Digital Bone Densitometry DEXA Scan
  • Fluoroscopy Procedures
  • PACS Advanced Same-Day Diagnostic Reporting System

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